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Knowledge and experience has allowed us to lend credibility to our clients’ financial statements - from private limited companies to public listed companies quoted on the Bursa Malaysia Securities as well as multinational corporations.

We customise our audit approach to suit the size and nature of our clients’ businesses, organisation and internal controls. Coupled with our extensive industry knowledge to draw upon, we can provide you with accurate and unbiased information you require in making vital business decisions.

Our deep understanding of companies’ legislations and regulations, approved auditing and accounting standards has enabled us to assist our clients with complex reporting issues.

When it comes to business transactions, we can objectively review and analyse information to minimise risks.

Whether you are negotiating an acquisition, entering a joint venture, or extending credit to a borrower, we can provide you with the documentation that you need to make a well-informed decision. Other than focusing on accounting issues, we also look at other critical areas such as industry best practice, corporate governance and economics that could affect a transaction.

Our audit and assurance services include:-

Statutory audit of financial statements for statutory filing, reporting to Corporate Head Office for Group consolidation purposes, etc.
Statutory audit of financial statements for non-corporate entities such as Management Corporations, charitable organisations, clubs and associations
Special-purpose audit such as comprehensive examination and review of business or transactions to provide insights on “beyond the numbers”
Due diligence - assist clients in making an informed decision, identify areas of potential risk
Review and evaluation of internal control environment, evaluate systems and procedures
Other attestation works such as independent verification on grant claims and lucky draws, and certification of certain expenditure and revenue to qualify for Government incentives including Export Credit Refinancing, Investment Tax Allowance, Pioneer Status, etc.

For further information about our audit and assurance services, please contact our partner below:-

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TAM Kok Meng

+603 9200 8980


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