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There simply isn't enough hours in a day to handle all the facets of a business, internal accounting and payroll activities. Due to the huge amount of time and investment in knowledge, processes and technology, these activities may be an issue to businesses.

By us focussing on quality accounting and payroll services, you will be free to focus on running your business, as you should be.

Our outsourcing services extend far beyond "closing the books" and preparing financial statements. Prior to any engagement, we will analyse your situation and devise a plan tailored to meet your needs. We pay great attention to details in the planning process, which often results in the most cost-effective, timely and highest quality service possible.

Our outsourcing services include:-

Monthly accounting and payroll services
Preparation of forecasts, projections and budgets
Year-end planning
Reconstruction of accounts - clearing of backlog accounts and tidying up of “messy” accounts
Design and prepare management reports

For further information about our outsourcing services, please contact our partner below:-

Name of Partner Contact Number Email

TAM Kok Meng

+603 9200 8980


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