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We are well versed in corporate recovery laws and process to enable optimum recovery of debts and assist in restructuring of troubled companies. A network of well established real estate/assets brokers, property managers, contractors, engineers, architects and operations specialist is always at hand to assist in the running of a myriad of troubled companies to optimise the recovery to the stakeholders.

When it comes to presenting accounting or auditing issues involving litigation or arbitration, it is important that these issues are presented clearly, persuasively and accurately. As consultants, we can provide you with objective opinions drawn upon many years of experience and technical knowledge.

We can interpret complicated financial information needed to support a case by analysing financial information with internal and external data, locating important documents and uncovering hidden data and transactions.

Our corporate recovery services include:-

Corporate recovery and liquidation - offer immediate assistance to safeguard creditors' and shareholders' interests when companies run into trouble. Working within legal framework to explore the range of strategic options available (such as Judicial Management, Administration of Voluntary Arrangement or Receivership) to achieve the most realistic objectives, before turning to last option involving formal insolvency procedures (such as Court winding up or Creditors' / Members’ voluntary winding up)
Litigation support – analyse financial information, locate important documents, uncover hidden data or transactions, and prepare expert reports. Our professionals can interpret complicated financial information that is often needed to support a case
Monitoring Accountant – assist in restructuring/compromise scheme to ensure resources are used effectively and in accordance with agreed terms

For further information about our corporate recovery services, please contact our partner below:-

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